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About us

E 20 INVESTMENT LTD. is a newly-born well-resourced and strongly supported agribusiness investment company based in the UAE, undertaking investment, development, establishment and management of agricultural production and processing.

We aim to invest and operate globally in the agribusiness sector.

Our shareholders believe in their ability to transform a concept into reality, and have the ambition to establish a world-class company, leading in farming and processing.

Headquartered in the UAE, E 20 is a multinational company who currently owns several developed and undeveloped medium-sized farms in different countries.

E 20 amalgamates the knowledge and experiences of its founding members, with its strong team of multi-disciplines and backgrounds spanning over 20 years in agribusiness, investment, development, management and the financial sector.

Our story

E 20 is inspired and influenced by :

  • the history of its nation, where farming and fishing has always been a deeply embedded tradition in the UAE's history,
  • the need to be part of a solution to world poverty through job creation and work opportunities, catching the global trend and a wave of investment in agriculture, as a catalyst for economic diversification.

While E 20’s DNA has been created by our legacy, our values acknowledge our future, including a focus on:
Youth – Health – Sustainability – Responsibility – Environment.

Our vision

To be a leading investor in the agribusiness sector

Our mission

Forming mutual beneficial and profitable partnerships with key world leaders of the most sought-after fruit variety categories

Our goals

  • Produce top quality agricultural products
  • Be market demand driven
  • Provide innovative agritechnology solutions using best-practice production techniques
  • Cost-effective international investment through scale
  • Acquisition or leasing of potential agricultural land
  • Provide best-in-class total customer experience and satisfaction

Our strengths

Clear focus

Fruits are the heart of our activity.

Well-resourced and funded

E 20 is a well-resourced and strongly supported agribusiness investment company. The shareholders of E 20 are backing the business because of decades of belief in their ability to transform a concept into reality, making it great and world-class.


The senior management of E 20 are experienced in agribusiness, having developed successful agricultural enterprises from scratch, mainly in the production and marketing of berries.

Geographical access

UAE have excellent relationships with all countries around the world.

Market relationship

E 20’s shareholders are very well connected and will help to ensure success for an emerging, profitable fruits industry. While we have bilateral relationships with many countries and regions, we understand other markets as well.

Customer satisfaction

E 20’s management is committed to providing best-in-class total customer experience and satisfaction, and creating a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable business.